Your rich era is loading…

Identify + reprogram your subconscious money blocks

Create your "rich future self" identity + start showing up as her

Become an energetic match to the wealth you desire

Think about it this way….

Your brain is like a computer that was programmed from a young age by the people around you.

So if you heard things like…

"rich people are greedy"

"money is hard to come by"

"you can't be rich AND happy"

“just be grateful for what you have and stop wanting more!"...

It's no wonder you feel blocked around money.

So, HOW do we update the money beliefs blocking us from wealth and become our future rich self?!...

Hint: it's not by working more hours, implementing a new sales strategy, or to stop spending money at Erewhon 🙅🏻‍♀️
(what a relief)
Reprogramming Your Subconscious beliefs

Daily Habits + Actions AS Your Future Self

Tuning Your Energetic Frequency To Money



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  Module 1 - Identifying Your Money Blocks
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 - Overcoming + Healing Your Money Mindset
Available in days
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  Module 3 - Becoming Your Rich Future Self
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  Module 4 - Sustaining Wealth For Life
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  Module 5 - Money Manifestation Tools + Bonuses
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Lazy Millionaire™️ Academy is for you, if:

✨You secretly desire to be rich (but deep down feel guilty or bad for wanting this)

✨You live in a constant state of fear around when the next sale or paycheck will hit

✨You overspend everything you DO make (even though you make good money, you never seem to have any left)

✨You believe you have to work really hard, struggle, or do things you hate in order to make money

No one in your family came from money, so it feels totally foreign to you (and you're afraid of being judged if you had it)

✨You feel guilty for the money you DO have (and still wanting more)

Lazy Millionaire™️ Academy is for you, if:

✨You are stuck at a specific income level and cant seem to move past it 

✨The things that
used to work to make sales in your business…aren’t working anymore!?!

✨ You don't feel worthy of charging what you’re worth (or selling your services)

✨You find yourself frequently saying “that’s so expensive!” or “I can’t believe they are charging X!”

✨You feel like you have to choose between being a happy, good person OR being rich 

✨You wish you were free to have FUN with money + buy all the things you want (without fear that it would never return)

✨You have tried all the
woo “money manifestation” strategies… but they STILL aren't working for you

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Hey, i'm Amie!

7 years ago i lived as a mega-minimalist, never spending a dime on anything non-essential, and restricting myself from the luxurious things i wanted…in an attempt to get rich.

I followed all of the bro-y financial advice telling me to avoid lattes + drive a beat up car, and that if I just struggled enough, one day I would reap the benefits.

Spoiler: it didn’t work.

It wasn’t until I learned about subconscious reprogramming, manifestation, law of attraction, and money mindset…

That I discovered that the true way to wealth was actually NOT through restriction or struggle - but through believing, thinking, and acting as my future “rich self” right now.

I spent the next 5+ years practicing becoming the 'future rich version' of me who ran a multi million dollar business, traveled whenever she wanted (in luxury ofc), shopped exclusively at Erewhon, got weekly massages and facials, drove her dream G-wagon, carried an assortment of designer bags, had millions invested for retirement, was pursuing her passions and helping people online daily, donated to causes she cared about, and most importantly… Had a blast while doing it.

Today, I AM her.

And the only thing that excites me more than entering my own ‘rich era’ helping other people do it too.

Upon enrolling you will get immediate access to:

What’s the ROI?

❌WARNING: this course could change your life.
Not to be dramatic... but healing your money mindset + becoming an energetic match to wealth can increase your ability to make money x10, x100, x1000 for the rest of your life (I speak from experience)
But please only enroll in the course if you can commit ~10 minutes a day for the next 30 days to the course.
The lessons are action oriented + intended to be stacked on each other, so that by Day 30 you have created an entirely new identity around wealth and have successfully manifested the income goal you set in Lesson 1.

Reminder: You have LIFETIME access to go back through the course as many times as needed (to hit bigger #'s each time!)

Imagine this: it’s 30 days from now...

You’ve just surpassed the manifestation goal you set for yourself in lesson 1 of LMA.
You finally understand what was causing your "plateau" and are now on track to hit your biggest month ever.
You've BECOME the version of you that you used to dream about as a little girl.
Nothing is out of reach for you - you can be, do and have whatever you desire....
...not by working more hours or hustling harder, but by changing your energetic frequency + actually ENJOYING life again.
You feel unstoppable.
You are a Lazy Millionaire.


Is this for online business owners only?

Nope! This course is for anyone who wants to heal their relationship to money (in order to make more of it 😉)

How long do I get access to the course?

Once enrolled you get lifetime access + all future updates FREE of charge!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Click "enroll now" and then you'll see the payment plan option!

Is any support/coaching included?

This is a self-paced course which means no live coaching is included. However, we do recommend joining the "community" of students to connect + support each other as you go through the course!

Do you offer refunds?

Please only enroll in the course if you can commit ~10 minutes a day for the next 30 days to the course.

Due to the digital nature of the course, we do not offer refunds under any circumstance.

Am I guaranteed to get rich from this course?

Unfortunately, we can't make any promises or income claims. All results are individual and not guaranteed. HOWEVER in situations like these I like to think about the worst case scenario from enrolling vs. the best case scenario from enrolling. If the benefits far outweigh the risks, I think it's worth it - but that's just me! I support whatever decision feels most aligned for you 🫶🏼 You know best.

***Please email [email protected] with any questions before enrolling!

Money is just like any other relationship:

if you avoid it, overuse it, talk sh*t about it, fear it, or resent it…

It’s not going to be very attracted to you. 

But if you understand HOW this relationship works…

Both energetically, subconsciously + by healing your relationship to it

You can drastically increase the amount of money you generate, save, invest and spend…


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