Is this for me?
1:1 Coaching would be a
good fit for you if you...

  • Want to make sure your course idea will be ✨PROFITABLE✨ before (or after!)  enrolling in OCA?

  • Need help honing in on a social media strategy that will make sure you find your ideal audience so you can start 💰SELLING💰 (without spending all day scrolling)!?

  • Want help to work through blocks around transitioning your current 1:1 offers into a passive course that sells in your sleep?

  • Desire LIVE support + coaching from a real human (who has YEARS of course creation experience…)

  • Need help strategizing exactly what you should be posting on social media in order to SELL your offer?

  • Need help figuring out why your current offer just isn't selling like you thought it would

Introducing (for the first time EVER!!!!)

1:1 Coaching Call with Emily

OCA® certified coach, personally trained by Amie + with over 7 years *!!!* of online course experience

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Hi! Amie here. I'm so excited to finally offer 1:1 Coaching options for my community after years of many manyyy requests. As you know 1:1s are not my vibe but I knew I wanted to be able to provide a solution for people that really need that personalized support.

Our 1:1 Coaching Calls are strategically designed to help you get clarity around your offer so you can move forward with the confidence and the inner peace of knowing your offer will SELL!!!! (no matter what your niche is).

Emily has over 7 years experience in online course creation (her clients courses have generated over $4 MILLION in revenue) AND she has been fully trained in the Online Course Academy + Passive Income Academy methods by yours truly.

I am 100% confident you'll be in great hands with her!

What people are saying about Emily

"Emily is beyond intelligent (in a variety of topics), challenges you in a way that is not possible on your own and provides motivation and encouragement when you need it most. She is a cheerleader and I would be lost without her. I have been able to finally put pen to paper, as well as complete my work and I am a more successful and driven individual because of [this]. Emily is like the angel sent from above that has helped spark the fire under me to reach for the stars. I am forever grateful for her!"

Nicolette D.OCA Student

"This has been a GAME-CHANGER! I’ve gotten more done in the last few months than I have in the past year! Emily is an absolute GENIUS on marketing, branding, and all things course related! Being able to have coaching sessions with her is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business. Her feedback and insights are so immensely valuable! She is so incredible at helping guide you through the process and getting you to look at and see things in a different (more productive and helpful) way. I've learned so much! I could go on and on but if you’re thinking about doing it…it’s a no brainer!! You’ll gain so much more than the cost, even just in the first [session]!"

Ashley A.OCA Student

"This has been a game changer for me. I have always considered myself a self starter but over the past year had found myself SO STUCK in perfection mode and not making the progress I wanted. [Working with] Emily has been so incredibly helpful - she offers such great insight and I am blown away at her extensive knowledge in so many areas. Also her understanding of each stage of course creation… she meets you where you are and motivates in such a genuine way. I have made more progress in the last few months than I had in the previous year. I am so grateful."

Sara OOCA Student

"Emily's energy is amazing & inspiring! She has this amazing ability to focus directly on your business and question & give you direct guidance that is worth its weight in gold. Emily's advice has helped me enormously in my business."

Marina G.OCA Student

"Emily is golden. She’s smart, can orientate herself quickly in whatever field your course is in, and I love the personalized advice she gives."

Tereza B.OCA Student

"In the middle of writing my online course I started to feel really stuck and found myself overthinking a lot of the content and had just begun looking for a business coach to help me work through this "stuck place" when {this} became an option. I hopped in right away and it has given me exactly what I had been needed to help me stay accountable, get clarity on the little details like creating a Sales Page, and I’ve been loving how much we discuss social media promotion – and how important it is. Emily is my little North Star as her guidance is incredibly helpful and I look forward to hearing her perspective on all topics."

Christina S.OCA Student

What are some things I can get from my
1:1 Coaching Call?

• Choosing the most profitable course topic before you start building your course

• Finding your niche

• Refining your target audience aka your ✨UNICORN

• Another set of eyes on your sales page, freebie, or social media content before you launch

Optimizing your offer before you turn it into a passive funnel

An audit of your current marketing and sales strategies to find what isn't working so you can make tweaks and start SELLING!

• Help with what kind of social media content to post and on what platform so you can ensure you're reaching your
🎯 target audience

• Anything to set you up for success before or as you're building your online course

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy this if I'm not currently an OCA student?

Yes! If you are looking to validate your course idea or need help brainstorming on what kind of course to create BEFORE purchasing OCA, this is for you! If you are currently an OCA student and are struggling with #analysisparalysis (been there!) and need help refining your strategy as you go through OCA - this is for you, too!

*Just keep in mind: this 60 minute coaching call will NOT take the place of OCA or walk you through each step of course creation. It is designed to help you gain clarity on things like niche/course topic AND get 1:1 feedback from an expert either before or during course creation.

Will any refunds be offered?

Sorry, no refunds will be offered.

Whats the difference between the OCA membership and the 1:1's?

The OCA Membership is no longer offered so 1:1 coaching is currently the only option we have for 1:1 support.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing coaching, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the coaching again or consider one of our coaching packages if you need more ongoing support.

Oh! One more thing!

If you’re self-employed living in the US, the OCA 1:1 Clarity Call fee is likely to be a tax-deductible business expense (which means YOU owe less of your hard earned $$$ to the IRS at the end of the year)

WHY? Because you’re getting training to “maintain or improve the skills you need in your trade or business” –says the IRS’s website.

Check that bitch off as an:

✅ Education expense

✅ Pro-training

*To be extra safe (b/c I’m not an accountant), check with your tax preparer to make super sure this can be a deduction for YOU–but most likely, it’s a hell yes.*

So not only are you saving money on next years taxes…

You’re getting closer to becoming that 7 figure course creator :)